Algorithms to smooth JPEG "blotchiness" due to low light levels?

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Algorithms to smooth JPEG "blotchiness" due to low light levels?

Hello everyone,

Are there any papers, source code, forum threads, etc. that talk about algorithms or methods for "smoothing" out blotchiness in a JPEG image, especially the kind you see when a digital video camera does not get enough light?

The pattern I am seeing is similar to the blotchiness that comes from an overly compressed image, with the additional factor of random color bleed through out the image.  By random color bleed I mean small alternating patches throughout the image of a reoccuring particular color.  In this case, the "bleed" color appears to be a light green.

I would think that there are algorithms that can examine neighboring pixels, using the "bleed color" as kind of an "ignore" or "favor the least" color, and smooth out the tiny rectangular blotches I am seeing.  I would guess this might include some anti-aliasing logic with a Gaussian smear.

I don't care if there is a small amount of detail loss due to the smoothing if I could get rid of the "patchy" feeling the image has.