Computer Scientist in Neuroscience Lab, Austria

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Computer Scientist in Neuroscience Lab, Austria

Tomáš Kazmar

Computer Scientist / Machine Learning Specialist in Neuroscience lab

Full-time. Vienna, Austria.

The Zimmer lab in the Department of Neurobiology (University of Vienna)
located at the IMP, part of the Vienna Biocenter Campus (
at/groups/manuel-zimmer/(, is
seeking for a highly motivated computer scientist. Our lab is interested in
how neural network dynamics in the brain perform computations to process
information. This is the key problem in neuroscience puzzling researchers
world- wide. We are taking a holistic approach to solve this problem, using
a whole brain activity imaging technique, in a small model animal called C.
elegans. We are able to record the activity of every single neuron, in real-
time, while animals are freely behaving. This is impossible in any other
model system, but key to understand how the brain functions. The challenge
is to extract meaningful results from these complex datasets, here is where
your role will be essential.

What you will do

●  Develop state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning algorithms
for data extraction from 4D image volumes...

●  Develop machine learning approaches for classification of anatomical

●  Implementation and evaluation of computational approaches for the
analysis of animal behavior andhigh dimensional time-series of neuronal

●  Communicate your results to biologists, physicists, mathematicians.

●  Support the team with your computational skills.

What we expect

●  PhD degree or professional working experience in computer science or
related subject

●  Experience and strong interest in computer vision, machine learning

●  Working knowledge of Python, MATLAB

●  Familiarity with Linux & bash scripting

●  Interest in biology and neuroscience in particular

●  Independent, out-of-the-box thinking

●  Willingness to learn new things

What we can offer

●  Challenging projects in a high profile scientific environment.

●  International interdisciplinary team.

●  Professional development.

●  Flexible working hours.

●  Starting date: as soon as possible.

Please submit your application to Prof. Dr. Manuel Zimmer (manuel...zimmer@