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Countour questions

Stefán Freyr Stefánsson

I'm trying to match contours found in one image to another image.

The scenario is that I have two images of different sizes. In one of them
(smaller one) I've managed to extract pretty clean contours of objects.

1st problem:
I would like to scale those contours over to my second image. In this pass I
just want to translate the relative position of the contour points from the
smaller image where they were originally computed over to the larger image.
In other words, I'm just scaling the contour to match the size of the image,
I'm not trying to fit the contour exactly to the corresponding object in the
larger image.

2nd problem:
After I translate the contours so they apply to the larger image, I want to
create a new IplImage for each contour. Each of these should contain only
the contents within that contour. Anything outside the contour should be
just white (or black).

Can anyone give me some pointers on how I should tackle the above problems?

Best regards, Stefan Freyr Stefansson.

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