Freelancer job: OpenCV parked car detection with moving onboard-camera

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Freelancer job: OpenCV parked car detection with moving onboard-camera

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Hi there,

We are a small start-up based in Vienna/Austria and would like to develop a
prototype for detecting parked cars alongside the street. Would be great to
get one of you experts on board who already has done car detection (maybe
for a different scenario).

*Requirements: *
Based on a video feed from a smartphone camera installed in a driving car,
we need to detect/count the number of parked cars on the parking lanes next
to the driving lane.

As a deliverable, we need an iOS or Android Application that is able to
count the numbers of parked cars one the parking lanes with high accuracy
(>95%). Cars park usually on the right hand side, but in a one-way they may
park  be on the left side as well. Approaching cars from the other side of
the street and also driving cars in front of the camera-car should be

The GPS position of the driving car should be recorded during driving and
ideally a rough estimation of the distance between the driving car with the
camera and the parked car counted should be calculated.

Please find a reference video here:

Similar projects were done using OpenCV, so we believe this is the right
approach. You can choose to implement on iOS or Android, based on your
preference, we have slight tendency for Android.

A successfull cooperation could lead to a long term relationship based on
the quality of work delivered. Terms and budget will be negotiated after
exchanging more information.

Key skills required:
- Experience using OpenCV
- Android or iOS development

Looking forward to your replies!