No CV_32F support for cuda::createMorphologyFilter

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No CV_32F support for cuda::createMorphologyFilter

opencv-users mailing list
     I used in the last days from OpenCV 3.0 the function cuda::createMorphologyFilter().
     I'm getting the following exception when giving as parameter a CV_32F matrix to it:
        OpenCV Error: Assertion failed (srcType == CV_8UC1 || srcType == CV_8UC4) in
        MorphologyFilter, file .../opencv-master/modules/cudafilters/src/filtering.cpp, line 532
        terminate called after throwing an instance of 'cv::Exception'
        what(): .../opencv-master/modules/cudafilters/src/filtering.cpp:532: error:
        (-215) srcType == CV_8UC1 || srcType == CV_8UC4 in function MorphologyFilter

     Is there any particular reason to put this limitation on the type of the input
matrix? Note that the equivalent cv::dilate() does NOT have this limitation.

   Thank you,