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[OT JOB] Object recognition project

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The company I work for makes software tools, primarily compilers, but
we're looking at some "side projects". One of them is a way to use
OpenCV to analyze and interact with mobile applications.

One use may be an automated way to click every possibly button. etc
I'm not sure if object recognition algorithms could benefit from GPU
offloading, but that's another aspect of this.

I'm looking to hire 2-3 devs to potentially work on
1) Switching the CUDA over to OpenMP4 or OpenACC (Would be upstreamed
if upstream wanted the patches. This would allow offloading to AMD and
using the open source driver.)

2) Experience with OpenCV and willing to try new things

Location: Remote
Part-time or full time
Flexible hours
Salary: TBD

Please contact me directly
cbergstrom /AT/ pathscale.com

I use pidgin and the protocols it supports is preferred (jabber/gtalk/irc)

irc:// codestr0m on irc.freenode.net