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OpenCV + Unity3D

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Hi all,

 Has anyone ever worked with OpenCV and Unity3D app, deployed to Android devices?

 I describe my problem, hoping that someone might be able to help...

 I have a problem with a Unity app deployed on an Android device, interfering with the device’s camera auto-focus. I am working with this Unity3D C# app that (when deployed to an Android galaxy tablet) scans a serial-number, but the tablet’s camera does not auto-focus, therefore the scanning (character recognition) is really bad. It does focus automatically in other apps; just not in this particular one, which shows there is a problem or bug with this app…

 I found a few code snippets online that seem to be dealing with this problem, but I cannot figure out where to put the code. I have a bunch of C# scripts in a Unity project. Where should I put an Android-specific code to do with camera focus?

 ( Background & Context: The project is an AR app that previously used to use the Metaio marker-less 3D object tracking (which, I believe, always automatically accessed the camera) but then the company integrated the VisionLib 3D object tracking library that resulted in a black screen, so I had to create a WebCamTexture first and then render my laptop’s web-cam output onto it which would, when built and deployed to an Android tablet, would then use the device’s camera for scanning and character recognition. This issue of auto-focus stopping to work occurred at that moment… )