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Re: Accessing IplImage structure elements in Python

Mike Sarahan
I think the easiest way is to use IPython.  I create a cvMat instance
(which replace IplImage as near as I can tell) by loading an image.  I
use the matlab_syntax example from the openCV wiki - imread.  Once I
have defined an object, typing the object name followed by a period
will activate tab-completion for all the methods possible on that object.

for example,

Where <tab> is the actual keystroke.  it should spit out a long list
of possible stuff, some of which is height, width, etc.

Hope this helps...

--- In [hidden email], "jaipilot" <jaipilot747@...> wrote:
> Can someone tell me how to access elements in the IplImage structure
> using python.
> For example, if x is an image matrix, how do I write x->height in
> Python ?