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I have worked on this before. It still need lots of works. You can see
my publication on background segmentation :

Common trick is to use color which separate intensity and color such
as HSV, YUV, or others.

Hope this helps.


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> Hi,
> in OReilly openCv book I read:
> "Shadows are oft en a problem in background subtraction because they can
> show up
> as a foreground object. Use the averaging or codebook method of
> subtraction
> to learn the background. Have a person then walk in the foreground.
> will "emanate" from the bottom of the foreground object.
> a. Outdoors, shadows are darker and bluer than their surround; use
this fact

> to
> eliminate them.
> b. Indoors, shadows are darker than their surround; use this fact to
> eliminate
> them. "
> Anybody has solved it?
> What should I do to remove shadow? Have I to do it before or after
> background substraction?
> Thank you
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> Mattia Lipreri
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