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Tsai parameters to Zhang

Hi team,

How can I to obtain Zhang's parameters through Tsai's?
My code computes the world coordinates using: the optical
center(cx,cy), horizontal(fx) and vertical(fy) pixel size and the
skewness(S), like:

 [u]   [fx S cx] [r11 r12 r13 t1] [X]
s[v] = [0 fy cy]*[r21 r22 r23 t2]*[Y]
 [1]   [0  0  1] [r31 r32 r33 t2] [Z]

But I want to test my code using a given calibration and image
example, and the parameters came from a Tsai's calibration. I'm not
sure how to use obtain exactly Zhang's parameters from these

Thanks a lot in advance.