cvSetCaptureProperty() always fixes the aspect ratio to 4:3 in DirectShow

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cvSetCaptureProperty() always fixes the aspect ratio to 4:3 in DirectShow

Minh-Tri Pham
Hi OpenCV's developers,

Since OpenCV 1.1's pre-release, DirectShow has been used instead of the
good old VideoForWindows library to interface with video capture devices
in Windows. That is a big improvement in capturing speed. Thank you and
Theo Watson for this very useful contribution. However, the video
resolution is always fixed to 4:3 when function cvSetCapturePropery() is
called. Tracing back from the source code in both OpenCV's pre-built
release and the latest CVS revision of OpenCV, I have found that it was
preset whenever the the function is called, as shown below.

File: cvcap_dshow.cpp, revision 1.2
bool CvCaptureCAM_DShow::setProperty( int property_id, double value )
    int width = 0, height = 0;

    switch( property_id )
        width = cvRound(value);
        height = width*3/4;
        height = cvRound(value);
        width = height*4/3;
        return false;

    if( width != VI.getWidth(index) || height != VI.getHeight(index) )
        VI.setupDevice(index, width, height);
    return VI.isDeviceSetup(index);

I have a webcam which does support aspect ratios other than 4:3. Is it
possible that this presetting be removed in the upcoming OpenCV's release?

Thank you and best regards,


Minh-Tri Pham
Ph.D. Candidate and Research Associate
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore