[jobs] PhD in Embodied robot interaction at Purdue University (USA)

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[jobs] PhD in Embodied robot interaction at Purdue University (USA)

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PhD in Embodied robot interaction at Purdue University (USA)

The Intelligent Systems and Assistive Technologies Labs (ISAT), School of
Industrial Engineering, at Purdue University, is seeking for a RA in the
field of computer-vision and visual perception.



We are looking for an excellent Research Assistant with a good background
in computer vision and robotics, as well as an interest in cognitive
sciences. A high level of programming skills is required (C++, Matlab,
Python). The applicant must have completed Master studies with thesis in
ECE, EE, CS or IE prior to starting the position. The candidate is expected
to start in Spring 2015, so he/she needs to apply for the position until
July 1, 2015. It is also expected that the candidate *will conduct his/her
PhD research in this area of work, in the School of Industrial Engineering*
at Purdue.


The project is dedicated to the study how physical performance (embodied
interaction), such as gesturing, contribute to better communication
grounding in human robot interaction (HRI). This involves developing a
framework to determine which body expressions best support complex
manipulation and control in human-robot teams – of special interest in the
surgical setting. The methods required in the project include systematic
characterization of gestures during complex task performance; probabilistic
modeling of the links between attention, physical interaction, and task
performance (e.g. Bayesian networks); automatic segmentation and
recognition of gestures (e.g. one shot learning algorithms); and
programming robots with autonomous behaviors.

*Information and applications:*

Please send your CV, including your GPA, TOEFL and GRE, a list of
publications/conferences, a representative journal or conference paper, and
a list of potential references to:

Prof. Juan Wachs

[hidden email] <[hidden email]>

Deadline for applications to Dr. Wachs: July 1, 2015. However we will start
reviewing applications as we receive them.

Juan P. Wachs, Ph.D.
Associate Professor,
Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering
School of Industrial Engineering Purdue University
315 N. Grant Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907
765 496-7380 (tel)
765 494-1299 (fax)