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pure virtual method called

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hi all,

 I came to yahoo-groups in a different issue, but while here, anybody else having this with opencv-3.0?

 There was one bug filed some time ago, but it was closed as not-reproducible. But trying e.g. cpp-example-watershed throws this. Seems to have something to do with global Mat definitions. First my own code started having this (modified from lime-header library example), then I wrapped this in a class -> no error.

 Also find_contours_demo.cpp had this before, but calling the callback  with Mat as a parameter, ended pure virtual method calls. Global vectors are ok.

 This happen both on OS X 10.10 with apple clang (latest) and linux ubuntu 14.04 g++ 4.8. OpenCV was pulled from github yesterday, also last week. This didn't happen few months ago, when trying last time 3.0, I've been using the 2.4.xx mostly.