python for IP camera problem

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python for IP camera problem

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OpenCV, 2.4.9, Python 2.7

The IP Camera was an Android phone with a software which downloads from

The IP Camera can be seen in FireFox by http://admin:admin@ in the WLAN. IP video's format over http is mjpeg.

And, from the HTML source, i know the jpeg file is http://admin:admin@
In browser, i can see the picture of http://admin:admin@ changing swiftly.

ref, i code this

------------------python code-------
import sys
import cv
capture =cv.CaptureFromFile(video)
cv.NamedWindow('Video Stream', 1 )
while True:
  # capture the current frame
  frame = cv.QueryFrame(capture)
  if frame is None:
    cv.ShowImage('Video Stream', frame)
  if k == 0x1b: # ESC
    print 'ESC pressed. Exiting ...'


But failure. Nothing show in the windows. Can you help me? thank you.